In accordance with § 86b Steuerberatungsgesetz (German Tax Advisory Law), the German Federal Chamber of Tax Advisers maintains a complete electronic directory of all tax advisers and tax agents appointed in Germany as well as all tax advising companies listed in the professional register. This official register is accessible to the public and the download of data is free of charge.
You can check via the official tax adviser directory whether a particular person / company is appointed as a tax adviser or tax agent or is recognized as a tax advising company or is listed in the professional register and is therefore authorized to provide unrestricted assistance in tax matters. The official register of tax advisers, however, is not meant to search for a tax adviser who specialised in a particular area or has specific skills. This service is offered by the Bundessteuerberaterkammer and the local chambers of tax advisers via the nationwide tax adviser search engine
Note: The official tax advisor directory is based on the data of local registers, which are managed by the local tax advisor chambers (see § 86b (1) sentence 3 StBerG). A change of the data in the tax consultant directory (eg contact details) is therefore to be reported to the local tax advisor chamber. The Federal Chamber of Tax Advisers is not responsible for this. You can find the contact details of the tax advisor chambers at the link:
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